Sunday Van Schedule
First Run: 9:15 am First Pickup
8:40 – Leave the Church
8:50 – 92nd and Powell Stop
8:55 – 122nd and Stark by Multnomah County Library
9:00 – Thatuna St (Old Bookie Building)
9:05 – Church Parking lots
Second Run: 9:15

9:20 – Leave the Church
9:25 – Holgate House
9:35 – Kateri Park
9:50 --Church Parking lot

The runs after Church service vary slightly and as such please communicate with Pastor Kevin Streahl the director of Transportation. It is a priority to have the children dropped off first and then the adults in the order of their pick up schedules.

Join this viable ministry and become a driver for a Sunday morning service (A weekly two hour commitment). Ask Pastor Kevin Streahl and he can help you go through the transportation ministry protocols. If you have a valid CDL you can also opt to drive our 21 passenger Bus. You can also donate a vehicle and or financial assistance dedicated to this ministry using our user friendly pay pal attached to our website and dedicate your giving to this cause.
Your donations make you eligible for a tax deductible receipt insomuch as you make it so known to the treasury of the church.


Discipleship 101
The formal introduction to Calvary Bible Church and its various ministries can be understood by attending this class. It is now geared towards Spiritual Growth in a local church congregation. Pastor David Machado will teach this class for all those who want to be formally part of this body of believers.
This is a four hour class and is usually done in one sitting. In order to make sure everyone has the course materials we ask that you schedule your class by speaking with Pastor David Machado either in person or via email.

Discipleship 201
Discipleship 201 is a discipleship/spiritual maturity class, a prerequisite for taking this class is to have already taken Discipleship 101. Those who have already taken Discipleship 101 may opt to take Discipleship 201 by calling and scheduling the same with Pastor David Machado
Raising Kids with a Faith that Lasts
Have young kids at home? Teens? Hoping to be a parent someday? Join us for a free one on one practical tips session. Have an overview on having a clear vision and achievable spiritual goals for you and your family. It takes a village to help grow our kids let Calvary's team of teachers and educators, be part of that village. Together we can strive to have a GODLY home that would truly glorify CHRIST JESUS. Have a cup of Java with us while we explore our faith together. We're ready when you are...
The Sinai Code (Ten Commandments)
Coming soon... Join us as we look together at the Ten Commandments. This 5 week, DVD based class, will make you re-think what these laws really mean!

Summer Is Coming!
We have some big changes coming to Calvary in the summer and fall.
First, we will have our Vacation Bible School for Kids on the first week after school in the month of June. Please pray that we have adequate volunteers, with a great spirit of service. Also pray for GOD to move in the hearts of these young minds to receive CHRIST as their LORD and SAVIOR.
Please pray for a mighty outpouring of the HOLY SPIRIT in our community that Calvary would have a great spiritual harvest in our community.
One of our goals for this fall is to see the kickoff of Home Groups. Both HOME Groups and Sunday Morning Bible Studies are a time for you to go deeper in your spiritual walk, to get to know other people, and to find a place to serve. Don’t let Sunday morning be your only connection!
Yard Signs
We are also doing a promo in the months of August and September. Please consider getting a yard sign from the church and displaying it in your yard. What a great way to let new people on the Portland area know that you love your church!


Our Home Point resource center is located right in the church foyer. Home Point is our library filled with free resources that can help you navigate the difficult or challenging season of life.
Home Point has several different facets: Faith Path, the 120 Day Challenge, marriage resources, parenting help and lots more.

Thank you for stopping by! Here you can find information about the various Children’s Ministries we offer at Calvary.
Our missions are to…
Encouraging children to have a lasting personal relationship with God through our Savior Jesus Christ by:
- Partnering with families
- Teaching Biblical truths
- Reflecting God’s love and
- Recognizing individuality.
Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

The desire of Calvary is not only to reach the nations for God, but also to reach the generations for God. One way we seek to achieve this is through our youth group. Our youth group desires not only to minister to our community but also to the parents of those children in our community. Below is some general information about us. After you finish checking out our page, come check us out in person!
What you might expect on Sundays:
Your main expectation should be to have fun! Our fun is not just limited to games; we enjoy fellowship and engaging in God’s Word and learning more about JESUS, as well. Our earnest desire is that every meeting, we learn and grow more in Christ and with each other.

Calvary's immediate Surrounding Community is a thriving University Community nestled within a vibrant church! As a community member in our midst you get to enjoy the loving atmosphere of a church full of families with children, young couples, retirees, and plenty of other twenty-something’s who are ready to accept you as you are – and encourage you to grow from there.
We believe in the extravagant love, lifesaving power and grace of Jesus Christ and we want to share that love with one another and with the world outside the walls of our church.
Here’s how…

…In Small Groups
Small Groups that meet on various evenings during the week are a good way to maintain connection to our community. Groups to be designed to meet to dig more deeply into the truths of God’s word, encourage one another in life, eat together, and simply have fun. This is where real connections happen and growth becomes irresistibly contagious. If you’re serious about living beyond the common level of church life, then we urge you to plug in this way and see what God has for you.
…Through Community Passion
Compassion for the downtrodden is one of the pillars of Christ’s character that we want to imitate, so we will strive throughout the year to find and seize opportunities to take the love of Christ beyond the walls of our church. From single-day events to spring-break trips; we will do our best to walk the walk of unconditional love and compassion.
…Through Personal Connections and Mentorship
We have several loving and mature Christians ready to meet individually with the community that would like to discuss personal issues or simply want a mentor. This sort of arrangement can be long-term or only a meeting or two, depending on what you feel you need.
…Through Community Special Events
We know you like to have fun, and we know you want answers to issues that matter to you. So, we’ll have some Community gatherings during the year that give you an opportunity to fellowship with other members of our community, perhaps hear guest speakers, and maybe just get away from home and nostalgia for a few hours.
Make my Joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose. Philippians 2:2

Help with English
The resources for learning English are plenty and the church can help you find the right place for you if you live in our community.
Several levels of English education are offered through the county agencies. The church can either help you to directly locate them or offer one at church as and when the need arises.
Contact the church office at (503) 771 - 3677, Facebook @ Calvary Bible Portland
Love to cook / interested in cooking, we have a kitchen ministry that can be an avenue to express your cooking skills. Every Sunday service we have a little fellowship time in our fellowship hall usually accompanied by some food and or refreshments, plugged right alongside a great cup of Java.
Contact the Church Office at 503 771 3677 and leave us a message of what you have in mind.
Bible Studies
Topical Bible Studies for Adults on Sunday mornings is a common occurrence a Calvary. Here you get to interact on a more personal one on one format. It’s amazing how many times without any premeditation on the part of our staff that the topics discussed down stairs in the fellowship hall gets mentioned by topic and verse in the sermon upstairs. You would love and learn so much from it.
Dinners, Games, Birthday Parties, and Trips
Scheduled throughout the year
How can we help you?
Driving lessons?
Please let us know.
Call the church office 503(771-3677) or Dorothy Dowty at 503 774 2476 or email us.


“Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.” Psalm 33:3

Music is a key component of what Calvary is all about. We have two worship teams taking turns every other week
All through the Bible, we have command after command to worship our Lord with singing and instruments, and we do that every week here! There are two primary ways for a CBC attendee to get involved with music. First, is through participating in our praise team – we need singers, instrumentalists, sound and video technicians every week to help us lead in worship. Just ask to audition for participation and we’d love to have you join us!
New this year, If you are musically inclined with no formal training, just stop by the church and let one of the Pastors know your interest in being part of our worship team and that you have no formal training but would like some we will be glad to offer you lessons through our community centers and be more than happy to pay for those lessons. If you are looking for a way to invite someone to church, grab that old guitar out of the closet and bring them with you to our paid for community lessons.
Check for schedules and availability of various classes. They vary from one academic term to another

Men and Women

Men’s Ministries is an exciting and vital part of who we are at Calvary. Bowling, Golfing, being a movie buff or simply hanging out at church while (informally) discussing spiritual matters of concern has been the modus operandi of the men of Calvary.
While men are involved with almost every ministry of the church, there are a few things that we do as just men. From Impeccable grounds keeping (this you got to come and see) to the ever evolving sanctuary beautification (!) process. We now have two 65 inch television monitors on either side of the sanctuary and one 12 foot by 12 foot screen in the center. We have kept a sound system that is on the verge of breaking down simply by making sure it stays on the verge and not letting it deteriorate ( insert grunt)
We have challenged each other more than adequately and grown through that process (insert grunt again)
Our informal golf team has attended several 'Pastor's Masters' golf tournament over these many years. It’s become a proud tradition and good source of fellowship this year 'Pastors Masters' will be August. If you would like to join us pack your bags (golf bags) and vamonos (grunt, grunt)
If you are looking for a place where men get together for real friendship and connection, where “Iron Sharpens Iron,” and a place for you to belong – then Calvary Bible Church's (informal) Men’s Ministry is the place for you!

Women’s ministry at Calvary has many faces. We offer numerous opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth.
Are you interested in a Bible study? Contact the women of our church and they will be more than happy to not just point you in the right direction but also equip you to go through that journey.
If you are pregnant or a young mother or about to be wed please let our women know about potential days, dates and times of some important events and our ladies have been well known to have gone the extra mile to celebrate it with you and organize any get together that you may have otherwise missed. They are really a loving bunch. Come and get to know the women of Calvary. They are always surprising us with their thoughtfulness...

Missions "Go therefore and make disciples..." Matthew 28:19
Local International

Jesus said in Matt. 28:19-20 to “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” and in Acts 1:8: “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
Our mission is to equip the saints to be cross bearing CHRISTians . At Calvary, we connect people to God and each other through Christ, help them grow in their relationship with Him and serve God by serving others in the name of Jesus. To that ends, we seek to mobilize the people, prayer, financial and other resources of our church to impact the lostness of our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is global missions. It starts right here in Portland, extends to the Northwest and to North America and to the ends of the earth. If you are looking for a place to be on mission, please contact our church office and we show you how to partner with us at inviting others to follow Christ.
God bless,
Pastor James


Calvary is currently, directly involved in the following overseas missions.

Missions India Contact Pastor James:

Video Documentary link

Missions Philippines: Contact Pastor Scott Wooddell
Phone: (503) 995 3379